Monday, October 11, 2010

Zero to hero

I'm not trying to LC but I'm just too happy and tell everyone that I got A for my math...maybe for someone else who always got straight A's for exam getting an A is not a big deal for them but for me it's it important because i really work hard and put a lot of effort to improve myself from zero to hero...
Maybe you dont know about my history...If you ask sbs students who dont know about Jack Lai ? I think everyone know who I'm ! WHY ? What bad things I never did before at my school last time ? until the PK HEM wrote my mom's number on her mini white board inside her room so that she can call my mom if i make troubles again...After years and years , I finally found out that I cannot continue being like this because I realize that being ignorance is just like being a trash in this world... Peoples talk bad things about you : Oh Jack lai ? brainless , uncivilized fella and he thinks gangster can solve problems when he gets to work next time he will know! FUCK IT I STILL REMEMBER UNTIL NOW! But Yeah i admit it is true ! I made a history in my school ! I got 0 mark for my math because i didnt even open the question paper and sleep ! My form 4 life is just making troubles and sleep in the school !After school i went to work at lowyat...I'm paid Rm 60 a day and I have to work until 10pm ! This is the reason why i sleep at class and my mom cannot do anything because it's my life that's what i told her...One day , my cousin came back from Australia...we go shopping at IOI mall...he bought a normal T-shirt about 300+ without looking at the price ! DAMN ! I have to work like a cow for a week to buy that shirt ! This is the reason why i stop my work at lowyat and tell myself I REALLY HAVE TO STUDY ! I took form 4 and form 5 classes to push myself so that I can catch up what i have missed in my studies because i really dont want to be ignorance!I dont want to work like a cow in the future just to buy a cloth! So now I did it ! zero to hero...not bad huh ? understand why I'm THATT HAPPY NOW??? but i really want to thanks my best friend PHILIP, And HAN CHUNG because they always help me in my studies !

I used to think , It takes years to learn to be a nice person and it takes only a second to be evil ! I finally understood something when I met her ! One second would be enough to be a nice person if you're in love and love happened in that one second !

Tata! Love you boo <3

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Friday, October 1, 2010


I'm afraid to tell you...what if the answer is no ? You might disappear without a trace like how others did to me last time...I felt sad thinking about usual every girl that I confess end up being like that...or they will break my heart into pieces...
You are the most special one I have ever one ask me to sleep early before , no one ask me to drink more water before , no one ask me to stop fb-ing and study now before , no one ask me to be careful when the floor is wet because of rain before and many more no one before no one i don't want to end up like last time...this time my heart might turn into a pulp ! not break into pieces ! because you are too special to mom is shocked , my dad is shocked , and my teachers is shocked why JACK IS STUDYING SO HARD NOWADAYS ! ONLY 1 REASON ! I study because of her...and I really hope that I can get better result for my trials...because I really try my very very very very best...I don't want E or D or C anymore...I want at least B or A !!! PLZ?

-I hope we will stay like this forever
-I hope I'm always in your mind
-I hope you are always by my side
-I hope I can get better result for my trials

I really miss you badly =((

Tata !

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lantern Festival ~

Hmmm....not bad and not so good because their food so aiyer @_@...Oh yeah...Lets make this clear...I went to the festival it's all because of her and I mentioned it before so, please check back and dont simply say okay ? SKIP !...Finally,I SAW HER ! I TALK TO HER !I..I....I.......*enough enough* !!! I was so damn happy because i played dart with her...even though the last game she didnt blow any of those balloons but who cares !!! I just want her to smile and laugh while enjoying that game...and her smile really melted my heart keep on beating faster and faster when she was standing right beside of me...I went to the toilet and wash my face because I REALLY NEED TO COOL DOWN !!! @.@* I'm seriously not joking with you guys ! The goodbye journey is so short ! WHY ! WHY CANT YOU MAKE THE ROAD LONGER ! (*I'm the one who complaining when we are walking to VI= AIYOH ! WHY VI SCHOOL IS SO FAR AWAY ONE !!!*) but the goodbye journey is just like (* WHAT ?!?!?! WE REACH THE GATE ALREADY ! -___-*)I want to send her to somewhere somewhere arghh i forgotten where was it...but miaow said the rela will take care of i let it be... and If miaow wasnt there ! i wanted to tell her ! Je taime crystal<3<3<3!!!

I will never forget today forever and ever and ever and many more ever !!!

Tata !

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Friday oh friday ~

Missing you...we didn't chat yesterday because she suddenly disappeared after re-baking her cakes...i really miss her goodnight and bye bye and take, i waited until 2 a.m and hope she will online and say goodnight too me(*impossible*) =( ! and i know i'm crazy...the result is she didn't online and i went to sleep...Wuuuu~T__T (*no lar i didnt cry she will whack me if she know i cried =P*)

I wake up 8.oo a.m in the morning and my head is so dizzy@_@ it's worst than a massive hangover...the weather is so nice to sleep because it was raining...i wanted to resume my sleep but i force myself to wake up and take a bath because of the stupid driving class...after taking bath i wore my blue jeans and t-shirt and eat my breakfast...then, i call uncle thomson(*guess what*)

Jack (Me) : UNCLE AR ! NGO HOU JO LOR ! ( Uncle I'm ready )

Uncle Thomson :(-deep voice-) har ...lok sui wor lei yiu hok meh ? (raining la you want to learn meh )

Jack (Me) : WALAO ! NGO JIOK HOU SAM DANG LEI LOR ! ( I'm ready to go lor)

Uncle Thomson : Errr ! LEI SAP TIM GEI JOI TA BEI NGO TAI GOR YU WUI TENG MOU!? OKAY ( you 10 something call me again see if the rain will stop or not )

Jack (Me) : 10.45..Ring Ring ! HELLO !

Uncle Thomson : KAM MAT NG TAK LA ! JONG LOK HOU DAI SUI ! (today cannot lah still raining heavily ) But my place stop raining already...

Jack (Me) : okay la okay la...(*whisper in my heart* NIA SING NGO JIOK DOU LENG ZAI LENG ZAI LEI SIN LEI CANCEL-nia sing i wear until so handsome you cancel the class...

Walking to my room...saw my sister holding her pinafore...Suddenly ! I'm Stun...SOME Conflict happened in my head for awhile ! TING !

OH ! SHE GOT SCHOOL LAR ! AIYAHH ! CHEH CHEH CEH ! So,she didnt online yesterday because she got school today hmmm...changing my cloth happily and off to bed ~.~ !

-I'm so worried she doesnt want to talk to me anymore hope what i guess was true or i will emo for the rest of my life (* JOKES *) HAHAHA XD

Tata !

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

OMG ! My Heart is Numb !~ X.X

  • She is So Cute and Funny...I hope she is going to the lantern festival because i'm dying to meet her >.<... My Heart Is Numb and What will Happen If I Gave Her My Heart ? Will It be Broken Into Pieces Just Like Before