Friday, October 1, 2010


I'm afraid to tell you...what if the answer is no ? You might disappear without a trace like how others did to me last time...I felt sad thinking about usual every girl that I confess end up being like that...or they will break my heart into pieces...
You are the most special one I have ever one ask me to sleep early before , no one ask me to drink more water before , no one ask me to stop fb-ing and study now before , no one ask me to be careful when the floor is wet because of rain before and many more no one before no one i don't want to end up like last time...this time my heart might turn into a pulp ! not break into pieces ! because you are too special to mom is shocked , my dad is shocked , and my teachers is shocked why JACK IS STUDYING SO HARD NOWADAYS ! ONLY 1 REASON ! I study because of her...and I really hope that I can get better result for my trials...because I really try my very very very very best...I don't want E or D or C anymore...I want at least B or A !!! PLZ?

-I hope we will stay like this forever
-I hope I'm always in your mind
-I hope you are always by my side
-I hope I can get better result for my trials

I really miss you badly =((

Tata !

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