Friday, December 25, 2009

MeRRy Christmas To All My Friends ! SOB ! SOb ! Sob !

yesterday Me,Bryan Tang,And My Cousin went to countdown at leisuremall ! For the first time of my life ! We Spend Our NIght at the Apple Cafe and the Whole Street is so empty not like times square and pavilion ! -Full Of People-
The Club Beside Apple is so Fun ! I wish i could go in the club But -I'M BUDAK KECIL-
Cant Enter !
After that Bryan sister Fetch me and my Cousin Home !
My Christmas Countdown End LIke this !

TAta !

Thanks Shanny Cheong !

She spend few hours helping me to create this blog!



3.mixpod ( But it doesnt work ! )

4.Correction! ( Waste The Most Of Time ! )

anyway THanks Alot!

and forget the password A.S.A.P xD !!!

Tata !

New Blog !

Haha ! I Got a Blog ^^ ! I think i will update Once a year..Just Joking i will update if i'm FREE!!!

TAta !