Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lantern Festival ~

Hmmm....not bad and not so good because their food so aiyer @_@...Oh yeah...Lets make this clear...I went to the festival it's all because of her and I mentioned it before so, please check back and dont simply say okay ? SKIP !...Finally,I SAW HER ! I TALK TO HER !I..I....I.......*enough enough* !!! I was so damn happy because i played dart with her...even though the last game she didnt blow any of those balloons but who cares !!! I just want her to smile and laugh while enjoying that game...and her smile really melted my heart keep on beating faster and faster when she was standing right beside of me...I went to the toilet and wash my face because I REALLY NEED TO COOL DOWN !!! @.@* I'm seriously not joking with you guys ! The goodbye journey is so short ! WHY ! WHY CANT YOU MAKE THE ROAD LONGER ! (*I'm the one who complaining when we are walking to VI= AIYOH ! WHY VI SCHOOL IS SO FAR AWAY ONE !!!*) but the goodbye journey is just like (* WHAT ?!?!?! WE REACH THE GATE ALREADY ! -___-*)I want to send her to somewhere somewhere arghh i forgotten where was it...but miaow said the rela will take care of i let it be... and If miaow wasnt there ! i wanted to tell her ! Je taime crystal<3<3<3!!!

I will never forget today forever and ever and ever and many more ever !!!

Tata !

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