Thursday, September 16, 2010

Friday oh friday ~

Missing you...we didn't chat yesterday because she suddenly disappeared after re-baking her cakes...i really miss her goodnight and bye bye and take, i waited until 2 a.m and hope she will online and say goodnight too me(*impossible*) =( ! and i know i'm crazy...the result is she didn't online and i went to sleep...Wuuuu~T__T (*no lar i didnt cry she will whack me if she know i cried =P*)

I wake up 8.oo a.m in the morning and my head is so dizzy@_@ it's worst than a massive hangover...the weather is so nice to sleep because it was raining...i wanted to resume my sleep but i force myself to wake up and take a bath because of the stupid driving class...after taking bath i wore my blue jeans and t-shirt and eat my breakfast...then, i call uncle thomson(*guess what*)

Jack (Me) : UNCLE AR ! NGO HOU JO LOR ! ( Uncle I'm ready )

Uncle Thomson :(-deep voice-) har ...lok sui wor lei yiu hok meh ? (raining la you want to learn meh )

Jack (Me) : WALAO ! NGO JIOK HOU SAM DANG LEI LOR ! ( I'm ready to go lor)

Uncle Thomson : Errr ! LEI SAP TIM GEI JOI TA BEI NGO TAI GOR YU WUI TENG MOU!? OKAY ( you 10 something call me again see if the rain will stop or not )

Jack (Me) : 10.45..Ring Ring ! HELLO !

Uncle Thomson : KAM MAT NG TAK LA ! JONG LOK HOU DAI SUI ! (today cannot lah still raining heavily ) But my place stop raining already...

Jack (Me) : okay la okay la...(*whisper in my heart* NIA SING NGO JIOK DOU LENG ZAI LENG ZAI LEI SIN LEI CANCEL-nia sing i wear until so handsome you cancel the class...

Walking to my room...saw my sister holding her pinafore...Suddenly ! I'm Stun...SOME Conflict happened in my head for awhile ! TING !

OH ! SHE GOT SCHOOL LAR ! AIYAHH ! CHEH CHEH CEH ! So,she didnt online yesterday because she got school today hmmm...changing my cloth happily and off to bed ~.~ !

-I'm so worried she doesnt want to talk to me anymore hope what i guess was true or i will emo for the rest of my life (* JOKES *) HAHAHA XD

Tata !

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