Monday, October 11, 2010

Zero to hero

I'm not trying to LC but I'm just too happy and tell everyone that I got A for my math...maybe for someone else who always got straight A's for exam getting an A is not a big deal for them but for me it's it important because i really work hard and put a lot of effort to improve myself from zero to hero...
Maybe you dont know about my history...If you ask sbs students who dont know about Jack Lai ? I think everyone know who I'm ! WHY ? What bad things I never did before at my school last time ? until the PK HEM wrote my mom's number on her mini white board inside her room so that she can call my mom if i make troubles again...After years and years , I finally found out that I cannot continue being like this because I realize that being ignorance is just like being a trash in this world... Peoples talk bad things about you : Oh Jack lai ? brainless , uncivilized fella and he thinks gangster can solve problems when he gets to work next time he will know! FUCK IT I STILL REMEMBER UNTIL NOW! But Yeah i admit it is true ! I made a history in my school ! I got 0 mark for my math because i didnt even open the question paper and sleep ! My form 4 life is just making troubles and sleep in the school !After school i went to work at lowyat...I'm paid Rm 60 a day and I have to work until 10pm ! This is the reason why i sleep at class and my mom cannot do anything because it's my life that's what i told her...One day , my cousin came back from Australia...we go shopping at IOI mall...he bought a normal T-shirt about 300+ without looking at the price ! DAMN ! I have to work like a cow for a week to buy that shirt ! This is the reason why i stop my work at lowyat and tell myself I REALLY HAVE TO STUDY ! I took form 4 and form 5 classes to push myself so that I can catch up what i have missed in my studies because i really dont want to be ignorance!I dont want to work like a cow in the future just to buy a cloth! So now I did it ! zero to hero...not bad huh ? understand why I'm THATT HAPPY NOW??? but i really want to thanks my best friend PHILIP, And HAN CHUNG because they always help me in my studies !

I used to think , It takes years to learn to be a nice person and it takes only a second to be evil ! I finally understood something when I met her ! One second would be enough to be a nice person if you're in love and love happened in that one second !

Tata! Love you boo <3

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